About Made In Kenya Initiative

"Made in" is the term used to describe where products originate from. It denotes an association with the place of origin. 'Made in Kenya' signifies that our products are unique, authentic and high quality.

The initiative will;

- Enable consumers locally and abroad immediately identify a product as Kenyan and then associate the product with quality and authentic Kenyan value.
- Strengthen Kenya's position as a made-in country Brand in light of the Big Four Strategy where Kenya seeks to position itself as the Industrial Hub for Africa.
- Enable the implementation of section 155 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 which gives preferential procurement to manufuctured articles, materials and supplies partially mined or produced in Kenya or where applicable have been assembled in Kenya. There has to date not been a way for procuring entities to identify the above products.

The initiative aims to define the value proposition of our goods and services (i.e. the brand promise/the consumer benefit), communicate the promise/benefit to consumers, work with producers and manufacturers to commit towards exceeding the promise by delivering with excellence and finally leveraging on the brand equity built thereof.