Benefits Of Acquiring The Mark

- You will benefit from pereodic Made in Kenya campaigns which promote products made in Kenya on TV, radio and outdoor, exhibitions etc
- You will benefit from preferential procurement from Government which gives priority to 'Made in Kenya' branded products once implemented
- Your products will be featured in the 'Made in Kenya' campaign microsite for ease of access by consumers

- Your will have access to the campaign branding toolkit where you will be able to use the assets for your own campaigns
- Your products will be promoted on Brand Kenya Social mediaa channels as a Made in Kenya Product
- Access to trade research and insight that will be valuable to inform your business decisions

- You will benefit from exclusive adopter offers, trade discounts, trainings
- Participation in member workshops, showcases and networking forums
-Facilitation to easily access international markets

Products bearing this mark signify that they are authentic, organic and high quality.