The Made In Kenya Brand Mark

This is a powerful visual symbol that will easily identify products that are made in Kenya. It is a registered trade mark and can be applied on packaging, websites, social media and advertising.

It will be awarded to products that meet the below criteria
1. Ownership- 51% minimum local shareholding. A company with less Kenyan shareholding as prescribed IN this section should be making products that meet the criteria stated here in (Made in Kenya) so as to acquire the Mark.
2. Location- Companies must be located in Kenya
3. Employment- Kenyan employees in the company must be majority(50%)
4. Compliance with statutory requirements

- Tax Compliance
-Registration Certificates
-Should not be insolvent
-Should not have been debarred from Public Procurement

-The Product must bear KEBS S-mark certification
-Design,conceptualization or transformation must be 40% Kenyan
-They must be wholly or partially mined or produced in Kenya
-Raw Materials- The country of origin of each significant ingredient or significant component of the product must be Kenyan as outlined in the East African Community Customs Union(Rules of Origin)